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Q: What happens to my ticket / lodging now?

A: Your ticket/lodging may be transferred to your year of preference (2022 or 2023). All 2020 & 2021 tickets & packages will be automatically transferred to 2022 (if you have not repurposed your ticket already). If you would like your order to be valid for 2022 then no action is required on your end. If you wish to transfer your order to a future year keep an eye on your email inbox as we will be sending out a Transfer Form in the coming months. There is no rush to fill out the form – you will receive the year of your choosing. You will have lots of time to make your decision.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Q: When will I need to choose what year I’d like to attend?

A: You will have lots of time to make your decision. We will be as flexible as we can with this process up until the transfer deadline, but we ask that you only fill out the form once you’re certain of the year you’d like to attend. The date of the transfer deadline is still to be announced, but rest assured guests will have plenty of time to make a decision.

After the deadline, all 2020 and 2021 ticket/lodging transfer selections will need to be submitted and finalized and no further changes to the year will be permitted. This transfer deadline will be communicated to all guests by email and social media posts.

Q: What are the exact dates for Ever After Music Festival 2021?

A: The official dates for EAMF22 have yet to be announced, however the festival will take place in June, 2022. Follow our social media platforms or visit www.everafterfest.com for updates on the exact weekend. They will be announced later in the year.

Q: When can I purchase a ticket for 2022?

A: At this time, we expect the remainder of tickets for EAMF22 to go back on sale later in 2021. Please trust that as we continue to plan for the festival, we will be sure to share any updates we may receive from the government and health authorities. We will only proceed if it is absolutely safe to do so. The safety of our guests, crew and artists always comes first.

Q: Will the 2022 lineup be the same next year as it was advertised for 2020 and 2021?

A:  At this time, it is too soon to confirm exactly what our next festival lineup will look like. As always, you can expect a stacked lineup for 2022 with the same world-class calibre our Stages have always delivered. We are doing everything we can to bring back as many names as possible.

Q: What new rules will be in place to ensure that festival goers can attend safely?

A: Ever After Music Festival fully intends to follow the government guidelines relating to COVID-19 practices. As the current mandates and requirements are quickly evolving, we are carefully considering all of the options. Our guests, crew and artists’ safety is our number one priority. We will take whatever steps are necessary to keep everyone safe.

We are awaiting more information, however, we are all very excited to be getting back to doing what we love while staying safe. We will work closely with health officials once a mass gathering mandate gets rolled out.

Q: Are refunds available for my Ever After Music Festival 2021 tickets?

A: Ticket holders will have the option to either transfer their purchased tickets to EAMF22 or EAMF23, or repurpose their ticket. There is no action required for the rollover at this time; our customer service team will be in touch with more information. Those who are unable to join us for either upcoming edition will be given the option to repurpose their purchased ticket. EAMF will facilitate the resale of EAMF21 tickets for EAMF22 via our ticketing system in an effort to provide a refund to the original purchaser. 

We thank you for your support and understanding.

Q: Are refunds available for my Ever After Music Festival 2021 camping or hotel packages?

A: Camping and hotel packages will be eligible for transfer to 2022 or 2023 as well as repurposing. This will be facilitated by Unity Travel.

Q: If I am unable to make Ever After Music Festival 2022 or 2023 can I have a refund for my Ever After Music Festival 2021 tickets?

A: Ticket holders that are unable to attend the festival in 2022 or 2023 will have the option to repurpose their tickets or use the peer to peer option. The festival will facilitate the resale of previously purchased tickets in an effort to refund the money to the original purchaser. Details will be provided by our customer service team.

Q: Can I transfer my Ever After Music Festival 2021 ticket to someone else?

A: Yes – this is a process for the peer to peer option, ticket holders will have the option to transfer their ticket(s) to another person through the customer service team or a trusted third-party service like Ticketswap.

Q: If I purchased a payment plan then how can I decide which year my tickets will be valid for?

A: If you purchased a payment plan you are still eligible to transfer your ticket to 2022 or 2023. Our customer service team will be in touch with options for transferring.

Q: What does “repurposing” a ticket mean? How do you select this option?

A: When a ticket holder chooses to repurpose their ticket they will allow the resale of the ticket to be facilitated by EAMF to a new purchaser for EAMF22. Following the resale of the ticket, the previous ticket holder will receive a refund for the entire face value of the ticket, and taxes. EAMF21 ticket holders will be able to select this option during a period to be announced, if this option is not selected then tickets will automatically roll over to EAMF22.

Q: Does the window for repurposing tickets ever end?

A: Yes, Ever After will provide a to be announced dates for ticket holders to opt-into the repurposing option. In order to qualify for repurposing, ticket holders must select this option from within the timeframe given via showpass.

Q: How do I sell my ticket?

A: We suggest using a safe platform for this process – our preferred vendor is www.ticketswap.com If you have you ticket sold already and just need to transfer it, please reach out to Show Pass customer service to perform this action. If you require any additional assistance please reach out to info@everafterfest.com

Q: When and how will a ticket holder select their extra perk?

A:  All ticket holders that choose to roll over their tickets will be able to select one extra perk for EAMF22 through a link that will be provided via email by the customer service team. Ticket holders will have plenty of time to select a perk online. Once a perk is selected the ticket holder will be sent a unique scannable voucher to be utilized during EAMF22. 

Q: The ticket(s) that I opted to repurpose didn’t end up getting sold for next year’s 2021 edition of Ever After Music Fest. What are my next steps here, and what will end up happening?

A: Those with repurposed tickets that didn’t get sold for EAMF 2022 will be contacted directly via e-mail to discuss the next steps individually. A variety of options will be available.

Q:  I had originally chosen the option to repurpose my ticket, however, I’ve noticed that it still hasn’t been sold yet. Is there any possible way I’d be able to opt-out of the repurpose group at this point?

A:  Yes, you have the option to opt-out of the repurposed group at any point if it hasn’t yet been sold. Once you have made the decision to roll your ticket over to EAMF22, you will also have the option to opt-into one of the below perks, before the ‘To Be Announced’ deadline: 

  • Free ticket to EAMF22 or EAMF23 pre-party event with early entry to the festival 
  • Free parking pass 
  • 20% discount on 1 additional 3-day festival ticket for EAMF22 
  • $30 credit for EAMF22 merchandise 
  • $25 credit food or drink voucher

Q: Which years can I transfer my order to?

A: You may select any year between 2022 and 2023

Q: When is the deadline to decide which year I’d like to transfer to?

A: The deadline will be announced later in 2021. You will have plenty of time to secure your preferred year of attendance. Once the transfer deadline has passed, you will no longer be able to alter your chosen festival year, and your order will be locked in for that year. The transfer deadline is still to be announced, and will be communicated to all guests by email and social media.

Q: I purchased my ticket(s) or a package through a third party seller, what do I do?

A: Please attempt reaching out to your respective seller first for your options, if you do not hear back please reach out to us directly for our assistance.

Q: I purchased through Unity Travel and I have a question?

A: For better service email everafter@unity.travel with your question or concerns regarding camping & travel package orders. This email is dedicated to Ever After and monitored Mon – Fri. Unity is following the same repurposing strategy as the festival & Showpass, and cannot offer repurposing for customers who did not request it during the official window. However all package holders can easily transfer their order to another party once the event goes back on sale officially. Stay tuned for more official announcements. There is also a dedicated SMS line for Ever After, which is 702.302.8151 and is monitored Mon – Fri as well.