Every attendee (including media) will be searched prior to entry. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to submit to a thorough, TSA-style search, including emptying your pockets and bags, a full pat-down, having all of your items examined, and possibly removing your shoes. Police officers work both inside and outside our events. All narcotics laws are strictly enforced. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.



The use or possession of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated anywhere inside or outside the venue. Narcotics officers will be working both areas and enforcing all drug-related laws. Do not bring any illegal substances to the event; violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you are found intoxicated at entry, security will not allow you to enter the venue. If you are found overly intoxicated inside the venue, security or event staff hold the right to eject any persons from the property. Event staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.  Be responsible, and make smart choices.



·         Any ON government-issued driver’s license or ID card containing a photograph and date of birth
·         CAD or foreign government-issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth
·         Foreign government-issued driver’s license or ID (must be accompanied by color photocopy of passport)
·         2 Pieces of ID is required



·         NO School ID
·         NO Consular ID
·         NO Birth certificates
·         NO Photocopies of any ID



·         Your ticket
·         2 Pieces of Photo ID (see Acceptable Forms below) 
·         Festive yet comfortable clothing and shoes
·         Smiles and good vibes!
·         NO Reentry/ins & outs per day
·         NO Refunds or exchanges
·         NO Sitting on designated dance floor areas
·         NO Moshing, crowd-surfing or stage-diving
·         NO Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors allowed
·         NO Unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling, giveaways, etc.
·         NO Tailgating
·         YES Small bags, single compartment backpacks, plush backpacks, & purses (maximum 12”x12”)
·         YES water bottles—must be empty upon entry
·         YES CamelBaks with no more than two main compartments and one smaller compartment—must be empty upon entry
·         YES Cell phones
·         YES Fanny packs
·         YES Sunglasses & hats
·         YES Lighters and sealed packs of cigarettes (only permitted in designated areas)
·         YES E-cigs or vapes that do not have refillable liquid chambers (only permitted in designated areas)
·         YES Physician-prescribed medication that is not expired (must show physician’s prescription and consult with a safety officer upon entry)
·         YES Earplugs
·         YES Sealed lip balm & gloss
·         YES Powder makeup and sealed tampons
·         YES Glowsticks& glowing/illuminated costumes or jewelry
·         YES Sealed packs of gum
·         YES Hula hoops (including LED hoops)
·         YES LED poi
·         YES Inflatables 
·         YES Flags/banners or handmade signs (no corporate/company branded and no hard flagpoles)
·         YES Non-professional flash/still cameras, handheld video devices under 6” (Sony Action Cam, GoPro, etc.)
·         NO Illegal substances
·         NO Drugs or drug paraphernalia or alcohol
·         NO Pets
·         NO Massagers
·         NO Laser pointers and air horns
·         NO gas masks, masks, or face coverings
·         NO Over-the-counter medication (available inside from a first aid station)
·         NO Liquid makeup or unsealed tampons (upon entry)
·         NO Glass, cans, cups or coolers
·         NO Markers, pens or spray paint
·         NO Large chains or spiked jewelry
·         NO Stickers, flyers
·         NO Balls or Frisbees
·         NO Tents, large umbrellas, chairs
·         NO Bota bags
·         NO Large purses, bags or backpack (over 12″×12″)
·         NO Stuffed dolls
·         NO Open packs of cigarettes (upon entry)
·         NO Outside food or beverages (including alcohol and candy)
·         NO Weapons of any kind (includes pocket knives, pepper spray, fireworks, etc.)
·         NO Professional photo, video, or audio recording equipment (no detachable lenses, tripods, big zooms or commercial-use rigs)

Purchase Policy

Our goal is to make your night of fun as easy and efficient as possible. Our Purchase Policy is designed to provide you with the information you need to ensure a smooth transaction and trouble-free retrieval of your tickets once you get to the venue. Please take a minute to read the following:

No Refunds or Exchanges

In accordance with our Terms of Service, we do not offer refunds or exchanges of tickets purchased on the web site or via our mobile site. In addition, tickets purchased may be subject to a per-ticket Convenience Charge, which is non-refundable except in extraordinary circumstances where a theater was unable to honor your tickets (i.e., if a show time is cancelled, no seat was available in the theater, etc.). Before purchasing your tickets we urge you to confirm the title, time and location of the shows, performances, appearances, events, special events, classes, or other similar artistic showcases (“Event” or “Events”) you wish to see.
At the time of your order, we will place an order for your tickets in the Events’ venue’s ticketing system, reducing the number of seats available for the chosen show time. While this allows us to provide our customers with the clear benefit of guaranteed seats, it prevents us and our venue theater partners from reselling tickets in the event that you do not attend your Event. However, your seat will only be guaranteed for up until twenty (20) minutes after the commencement of the Event.
If you cannot attend a show time for which you have purchased tickets, you may contact the appropriate venue to inquire about their policy on refunds and exchanges. We strongly recommend that you contact the venue’s management prior to your Events’ commencement time, as they may not issue refunds or provide exchanges after show time. Any refund or exchange is at the discretion of venue’s management and can only be conducted at the Events’ box office where the Event occurs. If a refund is available, the Event box office may only refund to you the ticket price, in which event you should contact SeeTickets customer service if you also wish to request a refund of our Convenience Charge in the extraordinary circumstances described above (otherwise, the Convenience Charge is non-refundable, as stated above).

Picking Up Your Tickets

Please read your online and email confirmation pages carefully, as they provide you with important information about retrieving your tickets that may be unique to your chosen venue. Please remember to bring your Print-at-Home Referenced-Coded Ticket to the venue if you used this feature. If you can’t print or don’t have a printer, just take your confirmation number with you. Once you purchase a ticket on our website, the venue holding the Event will be notified of your name and reference number and will allow you access to the Event upon confirmation of your name and reference number. Please be prepared to present your picture I.D. Many venues require all partrons to be over the age of twenty-one (21) to enter.

Payment Methods

We accept American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. We do not accept “Single-Use” card number security products.

Ticket Confirmation and Event Rating & Review Emails

As an integral part of your ticketing transaction with us, we send you via e-mail a ticket confirmation following purchase explaining how to retrieve your tickets at the venue, as well as a subsequent invitation to rate-and-review the Event. Providing feedback via the rate-and-review e-mail is optional; if you do not wish to participate, just ignore or delete that email.

Pricing and Availablility

SeeTickets sells tickets on behalf of our customers. SeeTickets does not set ticket prices, determine show times, or control ticket availability and inventory.
You will be responsible for paying all applicable taxes in connection with your purchase of any tickets.
If you have any questions about the information above, please Contact Us.

For Camping Package Purchases

Campers are expected to be courteous to one another, as well as to event staff. The campgrounds are shared space, and these are your neighbors for the next three days! Please do your part in making this an incredible weekend for everyone. If a guest participating in any of the following behavior is uncooperative or a persistent offender, ALL members of the camping party will be removed from the festival site. In certain situations, the offender may be arrested.

By purchasing a camping ticket, you agree to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • All campers must be 19 or older, verified by government-issued ID.
  • All campers must have a festival ticket.
  • All campers must wear their camping wristband (acquired at the camping car check-in).
  • There are no in-and-out privileges to the festival event area.
  • Only registered campers are allowed in the camping areas 24/7.
  • Campers consuming alcohol must be 19 or older, verified by government-issued ID, which may be randomly checked at any time.
  • Only firewood from Bingemans may be permitted for campfire use.
  • Pets are not permitted.
  • Only 1 car per camping package is allowed.
  • All campers must be packed and vacated from the campground by 12pm on Monday, June 5.
  • Quiet time will be enforced from 11pm–8am each night. Please respect your fellow campers!
  • Camping lots open Friday, 6/2 at 3pm. Please DO NOT show up earlier, as staff will not be prepared to admit you into the campground.
  • Prohibited items confiscated at entry or during the event will NOT be returned. Please don’t bring prohibited items!
  • Security and police will present 24/7.

The following actions may result in a WARNING and/or EJECTION from the campgrounds:

  • Irresponsible use of alcohol
  • Public nudity or lewd behavior
  • Accessing restricted areas without proper passes
  • Taunting, bullying, abusive/disruptive language and or obscene gestures
  • Parking or extending any part of RV or tent into fire lanes or outside designated/marked area
  • Littering
  • Playing music during enforced quiet hours
  • Failing to cooperate/comply with campground safety officers

The following actions will result in IMMEDIATE EJECTION:

  • Relieving your bladder or bowels anywhere other than approved restrooms/porta-potties
  • Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort to anyone
  • Public sexual behavior
  • Possession/use of illegal drugs
  • Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property