Tommy Lee Ray, better known for his stage name “MurDa” has accomplished more in his short few years on the scene then some do in a life time. Having played at the iconic “ANIMALZ” in Paris and has hit his second Australia tour, its became obvious that MurDa is not messing around. His stage presence is energy packed and full of an arsenal of his own unreleased material and dubplates from big names from around the globe. MurDa has seen releases on Disciple: Round Table and NSD: Black Label. He has collaborations with heavy hitters, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Squnto, SampliFire, Code: Pandorum, Oolacile & Subject 31. It’s safe to say young MurDa has a bright future ahead of him and he’s one to keep an eye out for in 2018.


Christian Fial, better known has INFEKT has been producing since 2011, focusing on minimalistic, yet energetic basslines. He has released his music with the labels Disciple, Circus Records, NSD: Black Label, SMOG and much more. Which has gained support by numerous popular artists such as Kill The Noise, Cookie Monsta, Funtcase, 12th Planet etc. His previous live performances include sets at events like Drop In Bass, Night Grinderz, Havoc and Royal Bass. Be on the lookout as it’s rumored that INFEKT is spreading to North America.



21 year old Cooper Medearis, better known as Oolacile[OO-LA-SEAL] is the cutting edge of dubstep. With consistently innovate productions, incredible sound design, and complex arrangements, it is safe to say that he is easily one of the most influential producers of our time. Releases with top industry labels SMOG and Disciple, artist support from 12th Planet, Figure, Kill the Noise, as well as airplay on the prolific BBC radio 1xtra, are rapidly cementing him as a household name in the dubstep community, and fans worldwide already know that Oolacile is on the forefront of this next generation of dubstep and bass music. To say that he has a bright future would be an understatement. With an incredible amount of top quality releases and music already under his belt, the entire dubstep community is watching Oolacile’s rise to the top andare incredibly excited to see what ever it is she may create next!